Media House hosted by the President of Dagestan

Media House Lebanon Board members Mr. Naji El Attar and Mr. Rabih Chaddad made a visit to Dagestan Republic- Russia where they met Minister of Culture Mrs. Zarema Butaeva and a number of officials in the Ministry of Culture. The visit ended with a meeting with Dagestan President Mr. Ramzan Adulatipov.The occasion of this visit was to sign a contract of cooperation with lezginka Folkoric troop where Media house managed to be a representative of it in the MENA.

A meeting was held with Mr. Djambulat Magomedov, the General director of Lezginka and Art Director Mr. Hangereev Zulumhan where both parties agreed to make Media house Lebanon and agent for Lezginka in the region. In honoring Media House Lebanon, a live folkloric show was acted on the Stage of Makhachkala city.