Media House hosted by the President of Dagestan

Media House Lebanon Board members Mr. Naji El Attar and Mr. Rabih Chaddad made a visit to Dagestan Republic- Russia where they met Minister of Culture Mrs. Zarema Butaeva and a number of officials in the Ministry of Culture. The visit ended with a meeting with Dagestan President Mr. Ramzan Adulatipov.The occasion of this visit was to sign a contract of cooperation with lezginka Folkoric troop where Media house managed to be a representative of it in the MENA.

A meeting was held with Mr. Djambulat Magomedov, the General director of Lezginka and Art Director Mr. Hangereev Zulumhan where both parties agreed to make Media house Lebanon and agent for Lezginka in the region. In honoring Media House Lebanon, a live folkloric show was acted on the Stage of Makhachkala city.

Seventy Years of Russian-Lebanese Relations

On the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the Russian-Lebanese relations, a ceremony dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Russia and Lebanon was held on December 5, 2014 at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut. The ceremony was attended by the representative of the Russian President in the Middle East and Africa, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Baghdanov, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasbekkin, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Halabi representing Al-Jadeed channel, Mr. Rabie Shaddad representing festivals department in the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and a large crowd of representatives of foreign missions, parties, organizations, official, political, military and social institutions. The celebration program included an artistic concert with the participation of the Russian Cossack band (Krentsa), Lebanese glory dance group, and the children band of the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut. Also, the Director General of Media House Lebanon, President of the Russian-Lebanese Cultural Center, Mr. Naji Al-Attar, dressed in the Arabic abaya of Mr. Baghdanov, Mr. Zasbekin, Mr. Khairat Ahmatov, President of the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut, and Mr. Oleg Peresbkin, former Russian Ambassador to Lebanon. In addition to the presentation of commemorative shields from Media House, the ceremony was presented by Dr. Tarek Shoman, Vice President of International Relations at the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut. After the festival, the President of the Russian-Lebanese Forum Mr. Kamil Fenianos held a dinner in honor of Mr. Baghdanov and his accompanying delegation at the Muhanna Restaurant.

Victory Festival 2006

Media House Lebanon and the People's Movement held the Victory Festival at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, where Majd Baalbaki Dance Group performed a play about this occasion.

Media House in Malaysia

On the sidelines of a professional visit by Mr. Rabie Shaddad, the company's advisor to Malaysia, a group of officials from the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board, the Ministry of Tourism and a number of tour operators, organizers of festivals, conferences and exhibitions were interviewed. In addition to the presenting of the latest developments of the Zangika Group and the possibility of hosting them in Malaysia and hosting Malaysian teams in a number of countries where Media House Lebanon is active.